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Are you having an unwanted car in Whangarei and looking to get rid of? Sell your car by contacting Cash for Cars Whangarei – Car disposal & auto recycling experts in Whangarei, Northland. If you are looking to scrap your car for cash then call toll free 0800 100 070 or get a free quote online.

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5 reasons for disposing of your unwanted car

If it is a scrap car that you own, whether you also have a car that is running, you need to dispose of it. Otherwise, it is using real estate outside your place that could be used for anything else. But that isn’t all. No-one has ever complimented on how nice the scrap car their friend has on their lawn looks. The neighbours don’t envy people next door to them who have a scrap vehicle parked up on the driveway. It looks genuinely third world, and can drive property prices down. Fortunately, you can sell it with minimal effort. Here are some good reasons for doing just that-

The Environment is Being Helped

The mining of resources that are needed in order to make cars, such as steel, is a major culprit when it comes to the creation of pollution. Any recycling of these materials will go some way to reducing the need to mine for metals and such. That, in turn, will reduce the amount of pollution that is released into the environment. And don’t forget the CO2 that is emitted via the mining industry. This is one reason for why it is so important to recycle your scrap car.

You Get Paid Good Cash

Many people are under the misconception that scrapping cars costs money. But did you know that when you have your scrap car disposed of properly and professionally, you are basically selling it? And it is nearly impossible to sell a car that is in scrap condition when you are doing it any other way. Let alone the speed that you will be doing it in. Some wreckers in Whangarei are the leaders in cash payments. They pay top cash for unwanted cars, trucks, vans, Utes and other scrap vehicles

More Space on your Property

When you have a vehicle in scrap property, chances are that it isn’t in running condition. You won’t be driving it anywhere. It is just sitting there. And it is completely useless. That is a great example of a complete waste of space. If it is in your garage you can use your garage for other things! The same goes for the space that is being taken up anywhere else by a scrap car.

Broken Cars Look Bad

Also, your neighbours are not going to approve of you parking a scrap car on your lawn. Neither is your family or flat-mates. Get rid of it and have a tidy house and home for all your friends and family to enjoy. It is very important!

Junk Cars Are Useless

Why are you keeping that junk car? You can’t drive it anywhere. You aren’t a mechanic, so you aren’t using it for spare parts. If you do happen to be a mechanic, you aren’t included in that last sentence. For those of you who aren’t, you need to sell that scrap car. You aren’t earning any points having it on your property for no good reason. Your local auto parts dismantlers will pay you top cash for it.

Car disposal and recycling are vital processes to keep our environment safe.

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