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Car Removal Whangarei

You may be under the impression that it will be difficult to sell and remove an unwanted vehicle in Whangarei, Northland. Especially if it an old car that no longer runs. And to be able to do this with no need to spend any money along the way? This sounds like witchcraft, surely? No, it isn’t. Get in touch with “Cash for Cars Whangarei”, and learn what quality car wrecking really looks like. Where-ever you look in Northland, we will race over there, figuratively speaking, and buy any damaged or worn-out cars, 4wd, Ute, truck or other commercial automobile that you need to sell. Book a free car removal Whangarei service by calling toll free at 0800 000 111 or contact us by filling a quote form.

car removal whangarei

The Most Popular Scrap Car Removal Whangarei Service

So, you want to sell a scrap car, but you have decided that you will only sell to the most trustworthy and reliable car wrecker in town? That means that you will sell your vehicle to us, because we fit that description perfectly. We have all the proof to back this up:

  • We have a crew of the finest private and commercial vehicle buyers working here ensuring the best service
  • No-one pays more for cars, vans and trucks than us, with up to $15’000 being paid for vans, 4wds, trucks that are in good enough condition
  • If your vehicle is a scrap, there is no need to make repairs before selling to us, as we will take it off your hands “as is.”
  • Where ever you live in Northland, we will provide a free pickup service to you
  • Call us up for a free quote offer with no obligations attached to it.

Get Instant Top Cash for your Car Guaranteed

No-one wants to get less than whatever they are selling is worth. This is truer when selling vehicles than it is for anything else. We understand this fact more than anyone else, which is why we offer more money for old vehicles than any of our competitors would be willing to offer. The amount of money we offer for cars varies depending on what make the vehicle is, its model, age and condition. However, we pay up to $6’000 for cars and up to $15’000 on occasion when the van, SUV, truck is in the right shape!

We buy all Cars, Trucks, Vans, Utes & 4wd Vehicles

Our vehicle buying habits know no bounds. There isn’t a single thing getting in the way of you getting top cash for your car or truck. Perhaps it is in the worst condition that an old truck has ever been in all of history. We will look straight past that and see just scrap metal that can be sold to a metal recycling plant. The same goes for all the different makes and models of truck. We buy: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW, Skoda, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Isuzu, Suzuki and Subaru. Find more about our wreckers in Whangarei.

Booking a Free Scrap Car Pickup is Easy!

Give us a ring toll free at 0800 000 111 or contact us by filling a quote form. Please let us know –

  • Vehicle’s make, model and year
  • Condition of the vehicle
  • The KM’s done by the vehicle.
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