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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Cash for Cars Whangarei serve their community as a business?

A. If you have a vehicle that is not running, and repairs cost more than the vehicle itself is worth, you are in ownership of a scrap car. “Cash for Cars Whangarei” will purchase that vehicle off you for top dollar. Any vehicle that needs disposing of, we are the ones who do the disposing and cover an entire Northland.

Q. Do you provide pickup service or do I have to arrange for it?

A. We know that cars need to be removed in order for us to get them to our salvage yard. But instead of making you pay for a tow truck or similar, we will do the job ourselves. Plus, we will not charge you for this job. Not up front, nor by paying you less for the car in question. Instead, we will actually use one of our auto removals trucks to complete the task ourselves. All costs involved with it are also paid for by us, not you.

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Q. What method do you have for giving price evaluations?

A. We can’t look at your vehicle in person over the phone when you call us up for a quote. So, we instead come to an estimate based on a good faith exchange of info. You tell us the make, model, age, and condition the vehicle in question is in. Then we will give you a free quote in no time. Your head will spin at the speed in which we give you the quote.

Q. Will you buy my specific make of vehicle, or do you only buy Toyota’?

A. We are often asked questions that are variations of this one. It is understandable that anyone would ask. Because a lot of other cash for car companies actually only buy certain makes and models of vehicle. We disagree with this practice. That is why we will buy your car, truck, Ute, SUV or van even if it is the most obscure make or model.

Q. What length of time will pass between me contacting you and you paying me for my car?

A. When one goes about selling a vehicle, they can usually expect the process to be long and arduous. It won’t be over in a week, let alone a day. But that is only if you choose the normal avenues. Not if you sell that vehicle to us here. We will buy your car on the same day that you contacted us.

Q. Will I have to wait for the payment?

A. We understand how frustrating and opposite of convenient it is to wait for money to appear in your bank when selling something. Which is why we avoid making our customers go through this experience. Instead, we will pay you instantly and, on the spot, when we come over to buy your car.

Q. Is it only cars that you buy?

A. Cars aren’t the only vehicle that exists out there. Plenty more kinds of automobile are on our roads, getting old and breaking down permanently. They need disposing of as well. They require a good recycling process in order to make sure that they no longer pollute the environment. Which is where we come in. If you have a van, truck, Ute, SUV or 4×4, we will buy it off you if it needs disposing of.

Q. What if my car has no warrant of fitness?

A. This is normally going to kill your chances of an easy sale if your car has no WOF. However, we don’t buy cars for their ability to be driven. We buy them so that we can recycle them. When someone wants a vehicle to be disposed of, it is safe to say that it wouldn’t pass a WOF test, and probably doesn’t have one to begin with. We buy the very kind of vehicle most likely to not have one. So, don’t worry about it.

Q. What plans do you have for the average scrap vehicle after you buy it?

A. Well, for one, we plan on taking it to pieces. Any parts that are in good enough condition to be re-used will be sold second hand after reconditioning and testing it. All the other components will be sold to a scrap metal company or similar. We aim to recycle a majority of every vehicle that is sold our auto wreckers in Whangarei.

Q. When are your opening hours when I can get in touch with you?

A. This is a good question, as this information will be needed for you to know when we will be in for you to contact us. During the week days we are open from 8 in the morning to 5pm. We are also open on Saturday from 8 in the morning to 12 pm.

Q. What ways are there for me to get in touch or contact you?

A. You have the option of either calling us up on the phone, which is easy as all you need is a phone and our phone number. Here is the latter item on that list: 0800 100 070. If you can access our website’s main page, you have the option of filling out a quote form, which will get you a free quote.

Q. Does your company operate from a physical address and if so, what is it?

A. We are located on 16 factory lane Hikurangi, Whangarei 0114. Find the directions with our Google Business page.

Q. How much is the maximum that you pay for cars?

A. We love to be able to pay more than anyone else in town does for vehicles. The amount depends on what your car’s make and model is, along with how old it is and what condition it is in. If your vehicle is in good enough condition, we can pay up to a maximum of $12’999 for it. However, we pay more for larger automobiles. If you are selling us a van, truck, SUV, 4×4 or Ute we can pay up to $15’000.

Q. Do you sell second hand spares?

A. Yes, we sell used parts, as we get them from the vehicles that we salvage.

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