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If you go about offering a Holden for sale to someone, you don’t want them to offer you a pittance for it. You want how much that Holden is worth. This shouldn’t change just because Holden is completely totaled. It shouldn’t change just because Holden has gotten so old that the accumulated wear and tear is causing most of the moving parts to fail. Holden Wreckers at Cash for Cars Whangarei, we understand this clear and simple fact more than anyone which is why we pay up to $8’999 depending on Holden’s condition!

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Sell Your Holden Online Northland Wide

So, we have established that selling your car to us here at Cash for Cars Whangarei, will result in you getting the best offer on your Holden. You can also rest assured that we are the leaders in reliability, and have the solid reputation to back it up.

You can find out for yourself by getting your hands onto a free quote, figuratively speaking. Tell us your Holden’s main details. Stuff like what model of Holden it is, how old your Holden is and what condition it is in. How can you relay this info to us? By contacting us at 0800 100 070 or finding the instant quote request form on our website!

Holden Wreckers Whangarei – We Dismantle Holden For Parts

When we buy a Holden, we will take it to pieces. The best parts are put into our second-hand part stock. You can buy them from there, rest assured in their high quality and easy affordability.

Free Pickup of Scrap Holden Cars at Not Cost

Perhaps you don’t want to have the amount of money you get for your Holden reduced by hidden costs. This is a fair enough desire, and we understand it more than anyone here. Perhaps that is the main reason why we do not charge for our Holden removal service. Instead, we will send one of our car removals trucks to your place and pick up your Holden after you sell it to us. And we will do it for free.

Old Holden Car Buyer Whangarei, Northland

You don’t want to decide that our services sound like the best in town, only to find that you can’t use them because you aren’t selling the right model of Holden. We don’t want that either. We want you to be able to sell us your Holden no matter what. This is why we are so determined to buy any Holden offered to us. No matter what Holden’s model happens to be.

We will buy your Holden if it is a Jackaroo, Ranger, Caprice, Monaro, Statesman, Adventura, Zafira, Malibu, Tigra, Astra, Captiva, Barina, Commodore, Crewman, or so forth.

Sell Your Scrap Holden for the Well-being of Environment!

Leaving your car lying about will only end up being a waste of metals that could be getting recycled. Such recycling reduces the need to mine, and mining pollutes the planet. Sell that Holden vehicle to Holden Wreckers Whangarei and help the environment!

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