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Cars that no-one has any use for anymore are not good to have around. In fact, the reality is that their impact on our lives is quite a negative one. Once they stop working, this doesn’t mean that they stop having adverse effects on the planet’s well-being. Even if the car in question is just sitting on the lawn somewhere, it is still not a healthy situation for the area that it resides in.

scrap car parked nowhere

There are a number of reasons for why this is. At the end of the day, if one has a scrap car, the best course of action for them to take is to have it disposed of by getting it recycled. Check out the environmental influence of scrapping old cars.

So, how can scrap vehicles that no longer run hurt us and our planet? Let’s find out!

They House Pests

Any automobile that gets left in one spot for large amounts of time due to being junk will more than likely have no windows. This will allow all kinds of creatures to get inside. Creatures that we would rather not have around, especially near our homes. We are talking about rodents here, folks. Nasty, dirty, disease ridden pests. Junk cars often provide them with shelter and a place to reproduce freely and without any hindrance.

They Cause a Nuisance

Scrap vehicles that get abandoned in random places are the worst. It is against the law to do this for a reason. It is like a large-scale version of littering. They are huge and unsightly, and completely unwanted by anyone. And someone has to clean it up. Which is a waste of time and money for the city council.

You Lose Money

You are hurting your ability to get the best payment for the car in question when you sell it. The reason being that the vehicle is going to deteriorate in the weather. Rust is going to corrode and eat all the metals eventually, and electrical wiring is going to be eaten by pests. The paint is going to deteriorate in the sun if the car is outside. The tyres are going to degrade in condition. Ultimately, the value of the parts will plummet as their condition gets worse.

Pollution Gets Released

There are still fluids in junk cars. This means that the brake fluid, engine oil, any remaining petrol, coolant, and any other fluids, are going to eventually leak. They are bad for the environment for obvious reasons. Antifreeze is a particularly nasty chemical, and it has a sweet smell to it, making it hard for wild-life to resist attempting to consume it.


If you have a scrap car and you are concerned that it will cause any harm at all, either to you or the surroundings of your property, don’t hesitate. Contact your local auto wreckers in Northland. They will buy the vehicle off you with no hassle involved. If you choose the right one, they will even come over to remove it from your property for no hidden costs!

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