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Cars are often manufactured with the kind of technology that can be best described as “advanced.” But no amount of futuristic tech will stop a vehicle’s moving parts from accumulating wear and tear. And every now and then an engine will blow as a result of this wear and tear. Engines are notoriously difficult to repair. They require a lot of man-hours, as the whole thing needs to be taken to pieces in order to fix a relatively minor problem.

As the cost for fixing engines can reach thousands of dollars, if a vehicle is old enough, that cost can exceed the car’s value. This is usually when people often decide to have the entire car replaced. This will involve selling the car before purchasing a new one.


What are the Benefits that Come with Selling your Scrap Car?

Well, there is one major benefit that comes to mind. First and foremost, it is important that when a car enters its scrap phase, the owner has a means to be able to sell it. The fact of the matter is that scrap cars are pretty hard to sell when trying the normal methods. But there is an incredibly easy way to sell a scrap car. And it is using a cash for cars auto wrecking company. They will buy your scrap car no matter what. So, the main benefit is being able to get rid of a huge piece of junk that is taking up space on your lawn.

The other benefit happens to do with the cash that you get out of the deal. No matter how badly damaged your scrap car is, it will be worth cash. This is because of all the parts on it that are still in good shape.

Who Will Buy Your Mechanically Broken Car in NZ?

Auto wrecking scrap yards buy scrap cars. They are companies that make their money by purchasing vehicles and dismantling them. There are always parts, components and materials on it that are easy to sell due to being in such good condition. The great thing about these companies is that they always pay generous amounts. If your vehicle is the right age, condition, make and model, it can be worth thousands.

A good auto wrecking company will not just buy your car off you for cash, but also come over and provide you with free removal.

Recommendation for scrap yard in lower north island-

Welly scrap yard

Recommendation for scrap yard in upper north island-

Zoom car removal

How to Sell your Scrap Car

Find car wreckers for abandoned vehicles.  Choose the companies that provide free removal and get free quotes off them. They often have forms on their website’s main pages so that you don’t have to call them. They will take the make, model, age and condition of your car off you and make an offer. Often times, it is an offer you can’t refuse. They come over, conduct a physical inspection, make a final offer, pay you after you accept the offer, then leave with the vehicle in question. It is the fastest way to sell a car with a blown engine for top cash!

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