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Scrap car buyer Whangarei

There comes a time in every vehicle’s life, whether it be a car, SUV, Ute, truck or van, when the level of disrepair or damage becomes too much. This is where you, as the owner, realise that your automobile has reached the scrap stage of its life. Perhaps you have no clue as to how you are going to dispose of it. Maybe the idea has popped into your head to simply abandon it somewhere. You wouldn’t be the first person. However, you wouldn’t just be breaking the law. You’d be throwing money away.

Instead, why don’t you scrap your car? The process involves actually selling the vehicle to the people who will be effectively wrecking it for the purposes of salvaging the parts and materials. If you live in Northland, your best bet is to sell your car to wreckers in Whangarei like cash for cars Whangarei, Northland’s number one leading scrap car buyers!

Free Pickup of Scrap Cars Across Whangarei, Northland

You don’t want to sell your scrap car to someone only for them to pay you less than it is worth in order to make up for the amount of money they will be spending on removing it. However, there are scrap car removal companies who do just that. But you will find that us here at “Cash for cars Whangarei” will instead go out of our way to pay for this ourselves via our free car removal service. We do this by having our own automobile removal truck fleet. We also have a crew of professionals who are well versed in the fine art of junk car removal.

When we remove your car, we will do so after we pay you for it. This means that you will not lose a single penny, as we are more than willing to foot the bill ourselves.

Selling a car in bad condition? We can help!

We are the leading scrap auto dismantlers in Whangarei. This means that when we buy old cars, we aren’t going to be rejecting any. The reason for this has to do with the fact that absolutely any car, no matter what condition, can be mined for its resources. Whether those resources happen to be parts or materials, it doesn’t matter. And no matter how wrecked a car is, there will be materials on it available for salvaging.

So, whether your automobile is a complete and utter wreck, or it has simply suffered from a blown transmission, you can always sell it to us. Because if worst comes to worst, we will always have the ability to salvage the metals and certain rubbers and plastics from it.

We also buy commercial vehicles

Perhaps you are the owner of a vehicle that is of the light commercial variety. If that automobile has been the victim of age, road accident, or some other form of bad luck, you will be in need of a car wreckers to sell it to. There is good news in this area. You can sell your light commercial vehicle to us. We buy Utes, trucks, vans, SUV’s and 4wds. The maximum amount of money we pay for any of these is $15’000 due to the size being larger than cars.

What We Do with Broken Down Cars?

It is normal curiosity to wonder what exactly happens to the scrap car once it gets to the scrap yard. Well, here is what happens. We recycle the car. But how do we do this? To begin with, we drain the vehicle in question of all the fluids that may be left inside it. This includes antifreeze, brake fluid and engine oil. Whatever is left in there, we will drain it.

damaged car removals

Once we drain all the fluids, we will go about the task of dismantling the automobile that you have so kindly sold to us. Any parts that are in great condition will be able to be re-used. These are the parts that we salvage. They are added to our inventory, and we are going to sell them second hand. There will be parts that aren’t good enough for re-use. These parts are not added to our inventory. Instead, they are sold as scrap metals and so forth.

Sell your car as is – Any make or model!

There are so many makes and models out there. And plenty of people have these makes and models. They deserve to have the means for selling their automobiles just like everyone else. What better reason could we have for wanting to make sure that we accept every make and every model that is offered to us? And that is exactly what we do. Your automobile might be a popular make or model, or a brand that not many people buy. But we will not reject your car.

Here are a few of the manufacturers whose cars we will buy: Toyota, Volkswagen, Isuzu, Subaru, Jeep, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kia, SsangYong, Hyundai, Honda, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Ford, Fiat, Renault, Holden, Lexus, Opal, Peugeot, and every other make of vehicle.

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Call us up at 0800 100 070 if you live in Whangarei and you need to sell a junk car. It doesn’t matter whether you live in any Northland’s suburb. This includes such suburbs as Kaitaia, Kerikeri, Waipu, Kaikohe and so forth.

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There are two different but equally effective ways to get in touch with us. You can either take advantage of the telephone number listed above. Or if you would prefer, you can take advantage of the instant quote request form on our website. When you contact us, you will need to tell us what the make and model of car you will be selling us is. Don’t forget to tell us how old it is as well, not to mention what its age happens to be. We will get back in touch with you quickly with your free quote.

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