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You may have a Toyota Corolla that has had a major part break down. The cost of repairing it is so high compared to how much the vehicle was worth right before it broke down that it would be a waste of money to get it fixed. It is time to get rid of the junk car in question. It doesn’t need to be saved; vehicle needs to be recycled. Who buys scrap Toyota Corolla’s in Northland? Cash for Cars Whangarei do!

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Top Cash for Toyota Corolla

The amount of disrepair that your Toyota suffers from can be of any amount. This means that even if it has suffered the worst flood damage, or been in the worst accident, we will not turn our noses up at it. Instead, we will throw money at it. Up to $9’999 is the maximum we spend on vehicles, depending on what condition they are in.

The Leading Dismantlers of Toyota Corollas in Whangarei

We don’t look at a Corolla and say to ourselves “it isn’t a 2wd/4wd so we won’t buy it.” Instead, we simply make an offer that you can’t refuse.

Also, if you want a free quote on your vehicle, you should get in touch with us by calling us at 0800 100 070. Or you can fill out a free quote form on our website.

Why choose Whangarei Toyota Dismantlers?

  • No-one wants to wait days to receive the money they are owed from a sale. Which is why we pay cash up front, on the spot, on the day that we buy your scrap car.
  • After we have lavished top cash on your for selling us your unwanted car, we take the car off your hands for free. No hidden charges here! And it happens fast, too, with removal occurring on the same day.
  • Furthermore, our services are available for everyone in the Northland area and surrounding towns. This includes Whangarei, Kaikohe, Kerikeri, Waipu and Kaitaia.
  • Also, getting a quote from us requires that you call us or fill out a form and tell us the age and condition that your Toyota Corolla is in. There is no obligation to accept the offer outlined in the quote.
  • We recycle cars by salvaging the parts along with the materials from parts that are totalled. Recycling is very good for the environment. Therefore, you are helping the planet by selling to us.

Buy Used Parts for your Toyota Corolla

We have a massive collection of parts that are for sale at ridiculously affordable prices. They are in the best condition because we only choose to salvage parts that are worthy. We also test them thoroughly and refurbish them when is needed. If your Toyota Corolla is out of commission until a part is replaced, you now know where to get that part!

Contact us & Sell Your Toyota Corolla for Top Cash

Don’t leave that Toyota lying around on your property, taking up space and making your property look ugly. Instead, get rid of it in return for a good amount of cash.

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