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Truck Salvaging Service for Owners of Scrap Trucks in Whangarei

When your truck (private or light commercial) breaks down, and it is permanent this time, it can seem like the end of the world. Especially if it is a very important truck. And it is the end of the truck. That much is for sure. But that doesn’t mean that its days of being worth money are over. If up north island is where you reside, getting that money is easy.

We are not talking about putting the scrap truck in question up for sale on the private market. One may get limited success with that method, but they have to wait a very long time. It takes weeks at best to sell a vehicle that isn’t in scrap condition. Instead, we are talking about selling to the Whangarei’s best truck wreckers.

Cash for cars Whangarei take less than a day to complete the task of purchasing any vehicle. And no-one else in town dares to offer as much cash for junk truck/van/Ute/4wd as they do!

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How Does One Sell their Scrap Truck to Whangarei Wreckers?

Step one is to ascertain whether your truck is worth fixing or not. After all, you don’t want to throw away a perfectly good truck. You can do this by taking note of how much the truck is worth, and comparing that figure to the cost of repairs. Is the latter amount a higher number than the former? It is not worth it to get it fixed. Now you can drop Whangarei wreckers a line.

Contacting Cash for cars Whangarei is as easy as spending a minute or two filling out a quote request form. This form is on our website. The quote just needs to have a make and model along with the age and condition the truck is in.

Find more information on how to sell your truck in Whangarei.

Do Whangarei Wreckers Buy All Makes and Models?

That’s a great question. And the answer to it is yes. We do buy all makes and models. This is fortunate for you, as it means that if you want to sell your truck to Cash for cars Whangarei, you don’t have to worry about whether or not we will accept it. This includes Iveco, Hino, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mac, MAN, Volvo, Isuzu, and many more on top of that!

Light commercial trucks we buy frequently – Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara and Toyota Hiace.

Free Truck Removal is Free for Everyone

No matter where you live in up North, if you need your truck removed, it is free to have it done after you sell it. This is great for all those out there who have trucks that are not in driving condition!


Get in touch with the most popular car wreckers in Whangarei & Northland and sell your vehicles for the best price and enjoy free pickup service.

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